About Studio-4 Photography


Studio-4 is run and managed day-to-day by Tim Butler-Jones.  Originally from the UK, Tim moved to the Hibiscus Coast of New Zealand in his early twenties, where the change of scenery and culture slowly changed his creative outlook.  Having spent years in rock bands or making gritty urban music, Tim knew that this brand of creativity wouldn't mesh with the beautiful chilled out vibes of the Hibiscus Coast.

“I knew I had to change direction, and that started by going backwards and re-looking at my family, and that's what brought me to the visual arts.”

Tim has a rich family history, tracing his New Zealand family history to his great grandfather Herbert Tornquist, who was a New Zealand-born artist who, in addition to working as a commercial artist, was a portrait photographer, whose work included the portraits of George Bernard Shaw, Anna Pavlova and Dame Sybil Thorndyke. 

After graduating from film school and winning an award for his short film, Tim went straight to The School of Hard Knocks to start a company for businesses needing short promo videos for their websites.

These days Tim does most of his work as a stills photographer with his Nikon DSLR, creating beautiful imagery for websites, e-commerce and social media content while still pursuing his love of all-things portrait.